For Pollution Control, Closed as well as Large Area

THIS PRODUCT IS DEVELOPED UNDER NIDHI PRAYAS SCEME OF GOVT OF INDIA. MHDIG PRODUCES NEGATIVELY CHAGED AIR IONS The ion generator antenna does not emit any electro Magnetic radiation. The antenna consists of small diameter wires of conducting metal. After applying dc voltage these antennas will start a point discharge process. The molecules in air will collide with the antennas surface and the Oxygen molecules in the air will acquire one electron from the high voltage small diameter antenna. As soon as Negative Oxygen ion is formed they will be repelled by negative antenna potential. Thus ion formed by antenna will be entering in the atmosphere. The negative ion is also known as Super Oxide, which is fundamental requirement of plants and animal. There are many positive effects of negative ions on plants and animals.

The High Power Pollution Controller generates Ions and decomposes pollutants like NOx, Volatile Organic Compounds, CO (1000 times harmful than CO2).

It produces a cooling effect in atmosphere due to settlement of Aerosols.

Ion Generators also produce Super Oxide (O2 negative ions), which is the basic requirements of plants and animals.

Negative air ions produce OH (Hydroxide Molecule) and H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) which is atmospheric detergents.

Decrease the suspended particles in air by setting down. Decomposes volatile organic compounds (smells) into water vapor and carbon dioxide, hence useful to reduce odor.

Breaks down the outer protein of allergens, viruses, bacteria etc., hence useful to control air born diseases.


The system is to be operated according to application as follows