Vertex Water treatment System

Vertex Water treatment

For Agriculture, Poultry Farm, Domestic Water Treatment

Water, especially from private wells and municipal water systems, picks up minerals that dissolve into it, which causes limescale and calcium in your water supply pipes. These minerals cause bad taste, odors, water spotting, and unseen build-up in your appliances and plumbing fixtures, as well as making your hot water heater very much less efficient.

 Vortex field from these units change the molecular structure and suspend these particles causing them not to stick to pipe walls and appliances, meaning they flush through your water system and out the drain doing no harm. Having no salt improves health as it reduces sodium levels in water for drinking and cooking your foods.

 These are proudly manufactured in the INDIA, with Neodymium material unlike most other units out there. Others are selling regular ceramic magnet units, which have about a tenth or less of the power. The rating of the magnetic force is critical and there are none close to these for the price. The secret and the value is in the magnets which by themselves, are very expensive.

You Don’t Need A Plumber Or Skilled Labour. You Can Do This Yourself, With Tools. Completely Safe.  No Plumbing Modifications Required.

         These units create a Vortex field around the water inlet pipe which acts to trap and suspend particles that are attracted to Vortex fields, and then they naturally move through the plumbing system instead of adhering to pipe walls, appliances, dishes, dishwashers, water heaters, etc. And your body! Hard water refers to water with high mineral content within. This system uses basic physics to change the molecular structure status of the minerals, as calcium carbonate deposits, iron, lime, and other minerals remain suspended in the water while it flows, causing them not to stick to dishes, skin, fixtures and walls of pipes. Those minerals still suspended will not crystallize, and completely go through your plumbing system and out the drain into the earth instead of being deposited into your fixtures, pipes, dishes, and on your skin.

Vortex Water Tube unit/system are safe, affordable, and work with well water, private tanks, crop irrigation lines and municipal water systems on any size and even garden hoses.


The system is to be operated according to application as follows